BPA Cord

Business Professionals of America Points System

To earn a cord or letterman, a member must meet the following requirements (Active Participation/Attendance earns points!)

25 points Fundraiser – Participate

25 points Compete at Regional Competition

25 points Social

25 points Volunteer

50 points Club Meeting

50 points Compete at State Competition

50 points Earn Diplomat Torch Award (Regional)

50 points Fundraiser – Organize

50 points Place at Regional Competition

100 points Earn Statesman Torch Award (State)

100 points Place at State Competition

150 points Earn Ambassador Torch Award (National)

200 points Compete at National Competition

500 points Place at National Competition

To earn a cord, a student must be an active member their senior year, and have earned a minimum of 800 points by the end of their senior year.

To earn a letterman, a student must be an active member for a minimum of 2 years, and have earned a minimum of 1,500 points.